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The Automation Region is a collaborative project for strengthening and showcasing our world-leading automation industry and our substantial automation and production know-how. Automation is a Swedish future-oriented field of considerable importance for competitiveness and for the big questions concerning resource usage, energy and the environment. Automation encompasses all systems relating to measurement and control of production processes, with the focus on productivity, quality, environmental management and human interaction. This is a field in which Swedish companies and universities hold a world-leading position, and collaboration in the Automation Region is intended to further strengthen our position.

Together and in close collaboration with academia and the public sector, companies can gain many advantages through the Automation Region. Several world-leading companies in the field have development centers in Västerås. There is a remarkable amount of expertise in the automation field in the region that extends from Stockholm to Örebro, and from Eskilstuna to Uppsala. How many people know this?

Among the Automation Region’s member companies you will find newly started businesses as well as multinational companies, from suppliers and system builders to consultants and automation users. Working together, we develop new business opportunities and expertise.

As a part of the Automation Region, you strengthen your company’s profile both in the marketplace and among potential employees. At the same time, you are supporting the region as a whole, which will ultimately even entail positive effects for your company. As a member, you can directly influence development of the Automation Region.

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